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An Internet crime is a criminal act that occurs while on the Internet, through use of the Internet, or by means of the Internet. Due to the anonymity it offers and the Web's wide influence on nearly all aspects of people's lives, Internet-related crimes have increasingly been the focus of law enforcement and prosecutors nationwide. 

Common Internet crimes include:

Internet and computer crimes are often complicated to investigate and litigate. They require experts in computer forensics to try to prove (or disprove) that a crime was committed, and the amount of evidence may be extensive, although there is no physical “paper trail.” Investigations like these may last for months or years in some situations, and federal government agencies like the FBI may even become involved. 

These cases demand the attention of seasoned legal professionals like the Tampa Internet crime lawyers at Thomas & Paulk. With 20 years of experience fighting for Floridians' rights, we have what it takes to effectively defend our clients' interests.

Cyber Crime Spotlight: Computer Intrusions

One of the main priorities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is what is known as computer intrusions. To the layman, this is known as the use of bots, worms, viruses, spyware, and malware to gain unauthorized access to specific data. The form of criminal activity can be classified as terrorism or counter-intelligence and is seen as both a national and international threat to security, increasing the potential for severe penalties.

For this reason, the FBI considers it to be a top priority of their Cyber Division. They use "specially trained cyber squads" to investigate and track down those allegedly behind these forms of attacks. They also have developed close working relationships with other national agencies to pair up on these forms of intrusions, including the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. You may face federal charges with stiff penalties. It will become imperative that you get a hard-hitting attorney on your side to fight for you.

Involve an Internet Crime Defense Lawyer in Tampa

Internet crimes are currently on the rise, which has led to an increase in web investigations by local, state, and federal law enforcement authorities. They are fighting hard to crack down on cybercrime, using all the resources at their disposal. Many past investigations have led to the exposure and capture of alleged Internet crime offenders. Once caught, these offenders face immediate legal action and harsh penalties.

Whether you have become aware of an investigation against you, are wanted for questioning in connection with an Internet crime, or have already been arrested, there are ways our Tampa computer crime lawyers can help you. You have rights at every stage of the criminal process and must exercise these if you are to have the best opportunity at avoiding a conviction or even having an investigation or charges dismissed altogether. When you contact our firm, you can tell us what's happening and gain our insight into your options and rights at this stage. 

You must retain the services of a skilled attorney if you've been charged with an Internet crime. Call our Tampa firm at (813) 321-7323!

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Internet crimes are complex, but our Tampa cybercrime lawyers have the experience and resources to investigate and build a compelling defense on your behalf. Learn more today!

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